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College Financing and Career Guide 2007
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Tools & work sheets
Budgeting 101: Start your own budget

Wondering whether you're spending more on Q-Tips than the neighbors?

We give you a sneak peek into the neighbors' checkbooks with our "Budgeting 101" worksheet. Compiled with information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, our worksheet will tell you how much you're spending relative to people in the same income bracket.

To compare your expenses to the national average, enter your annual gross salary, weekly pay (minus federal, state and local taxes) and your monthly expenses. Then hit the "Submit" button to see where you fit in with the rest of America.

Click on the question marks for an explanation of each category.

 Budgeting calculator
1) Enter your income:
Annual pay:
  $ Biweekly pay:
(after taxes)
Net weekly pay - Your gross pay minus state, local and Federal taxes only. $
2) Enter your monthly expenses:
Food: Food -- dining out, groceries, alcohol, tobacco and household items $ Housing: Housing -- rent or mortgage payments, utilities, and housing insurance $
Apparel: Apparel -- footwear, children's wear and laundry expenses $ Transportation: Transportation -- car payments, fuel, vehicle insurance and public transportation $
Health care: Health care -- personal care, medical treatments and health insurance $ Entertainment: Entertainment -- movies, hobbies and vacation expenses $
Education: Education -- student loans, career training and enhancement courses $ Charity: Charity -- donations, gifts and cash contributions $
Insurance: Insurance -- personal life insurance and 401(k) contributions $ Misc.: Miscellaneous -- all other expenses $
3) Submit your information OR clear everything:


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