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Exclusive   2007 Checking Study
  STATISTIC: Americans pay nearly $4.4 billion per year in ATM  
  fees. It's no wonder since ATM surcharges continue to climb.  

Annual cost for ATM fees at new high

Total U.S. yearly cost of ATM transaction fees
Due to the surging surcharge and the near-universal application of fees to nonaccount holders, Bankrate.com estimates -- using Government Accountability Office, or GAO, data on the number of ATMs and nonaccount holder transaction volume -- that consumers will pay nearly $4.4 billion in ATM fees in 2007.

Actual fees incurred by consumers could vary considerably from this estimate if actual behavior differs from the previous GAO findings on nonaccount holder ATM usage.

Annualized cost ($ billions) of ATM fees
Create a news alert for "checking study" -- Posted: Sept. 26, 2007
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