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Month-by-month guide for finding sales -- Page 2

Whether you like to mellow out in the month of June by listening to tunes at the beach or watching TV on the patio -- or whether you prefer to take advantage of the mild weather to tackle that home-improvement project -- there's a sale out there with your name on it.

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  • Summer fashions
  • Hardware and home fix-it tools and materials
  • TVs and portable music players
  • Dairy foods (Happy National Dairy Month!)
  • July
    Crafty types know that July is a super month to stock up on supplies for their creative hobbies. It's also a swell time to get that major appliance you missed out on at the Presidents' Day sales, as the Fourth of July weekend is another holiday period in which many retailers offer blowout bargains on big-ticket items once again.

    • Deeper discounts on summer dresses, suits, shoes and swimwear
    • Air conditioners (now through September)
    • Major appliances (Fourth of July weekend)
    • Barbecue and picnic foods
    • Craft supplies

    And another reprieve for those who missed out on a major sales event -- in this case, January's "white sale" on bedding supplies. Yes, August is the second month of the year that the biannual event takes place. It's also a good time to snap up school supplies -- not only do sales beckon, as retailers try to get a leg up on one another, but the selection will be generally better than in last-minute September.

    • "White sale" merchandise -- sheets, pillowcases and related accessories
    • Outdoor furniture
    • Fresh produce
    • School supplies
    • Pre-season fall fashions
    • Swimsuit and other summer-wear "steals"

    Looking for a new home in which to hang your hat? September is a fine time to get a good price, as sellers who had hoped to make a sale in spring or summer may now be extremely eager to deal before the worst winter weather arrives. If swimming was your main mode of exercise in the summer months, consider switching gears to a bicycle or scooter -- it shouldn't be hard to scout out a sale on them now.

    • Homes
    • Scooters and bikes
    • Deeper school-supply sales
    • Canned goods

    You don't have to be a child trick-or-treating to be sweet on goodies. If candy is your passion, stock up now; but don't forget to get extras, of course, for the kids coming to your door. If you've got your eye more on a big-ticket purchase, say, a car, October's the month dealers slash prices to make room for the new crop.

    • Candy, for the neighborhood ghosts and goblins
    • Cars (go late in the month as salespeople strive to meet quotas)
    • Outdoor sports equipment

    Chilly enough for you? The grim news is the heart of winter still awaits. Fortunately, retailers are at the ready with cold-comfort sales to keep you toasty indoors and out.

    • Fall-clothing blowouts, winter-wear markdowns
    • Blankets, comforters
    • Thanksgiving fixings: cranberries, turkey, yams, etc.

    Whether you're playing Santa, spinning the dreidel or celebrating Kwanzaa this season, there are specials in store for you and your loved ones: No more waiting until after the holidays to score the goods you want to get and give right now. The only exception to this general rule? Holiday greeting cards. But most of the other groovy small-, medium- and big-ticket stuff is out there for the taking at a cut-rate price.

    • Perfume, ties, sweaters, jewelry, billfolds and other popular gift items
    • Food serving and storing pieces, from crystal to plastic
    • Party foods and treats -- roasts, cakes, pies, etc.
    • Holiday greeting cards (Once it's one minute past the holidays, don't dare spend more than half the preprinted price!)
    -- Posted: May 6, 2005




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