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Exclusive   Cash-back reward credit card study
  STATISTIC: The highest amount for an annual rebate is $1,000 -- but you  
  have to spend $100,000 to earn that with a USAA Federal Savings card.  
How to choose a card

What's the best cash-back card for you?

To figure out which reward program would best suit your spending style, answer these questions.

How much do you spend monthly? ______________________________

How much do you spend each month in these common reward categories?

  • Gas ___________________
  • Groceries _______________
  • Drugstore _______________
  • Travel _____________________
  • Restaurants ___________________
  • Other ________________________

Now look at the cash-back survey results and fill in information about the cash-back card you're interested in.

Do purchases at the stores where you most often shop qualify for cash-back rewards? _____________

How much do you need to spend to get a rebate? __________

How many months will it take to reach the top reward tier? _______

What is the cap on the rewards? ________________________

What is the expiration date on the rewards? ___________

Does the card have an annual fee? Do the benefits outweigh that cost? _________________

Do you want to get your reward annually or more often? _________

Do you care if the cash back is a credit on your statement, a check or a gift card? ______________

Now that you've analyzed the cash-back program, you should be able to decide if that is the best card for you. Do your spending habits earn the highest cash back amount from the card you want? If not, try this exercise again with a different card.

Create a news alert for "credit card" -- Posted: June 2, 2008
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Credit Cards
Compare weekly rates
Type Fixed Variable
Standard 13.23% 14.86%
Platinum 12.70% 16.01%
All 13.02% 15.70%
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