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Vigilance best option to fight identity theft

When the feds announced the breakup of the biggest identity-theft ring ever in the United States recently, the figures were staggering: 30,000 victims and millions in losses.

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  • Avoid carrying your Social Security number and driver's license together in your wallet.
  • Tear up or shred pre-approved credit card offers, bills and documents with other personal information before throwing them out.
  • Drop paid bills directly into U.S. Postal Service mailboxes. Avoid putting outgoing mail in your home mailbox.
  • Lost wages as a result of time taken off from work to deal with fraud, with coverage of as much as $500 per week for four weeks.
  • Notary and certified mailing costs for completing and delivering fraud affidavits.
  • Fees for reapplying for loans that were declined due to erroneous credit information.
  • Phone charges for calling merchants, financial institutions and law enforcement agents to discuss the fraud.
  • Some attorney fees.



-- Posted: Jan. 8, 2003




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