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Tips to avoiding late fees

Once you settle on a card, do everything you can to play by the rules. Bankrate.com offers the following tips for avoiding late payment fees.

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  • Follow payment guidelines as outlined by the issuer on the back of each credit card bill.
  • Use the preprinted envelope provided by the credit card company.
  • Include the billing coupon, and be sure to write the amount being paid in the box provided.
  • Make sure checks are legible and the payment amount is correct.
  • Sign the check. Write the credit card account number on the check.
  • Send payment with proper postage at least one week in advance of the due date to the payment address requested by the issuer.
  • Consider online bill paying. Issuers, including Discover, American Express and First USA, accept online payments.
  • If the due date is looming, consider sending the payment by express mail or wiring the payment with Western Union. These express services may prove cheaper than paying a late fee.


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    -- Posted: Jan. 12, 2005
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