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Bankrate's 2008 Car Guide
What's hot
A boatload of new and redesigned models is coming soon. Has one got your name on it?
What's hot?
Select a pickup attribute
We'll help you find the right vehicle by providing information on price, fuel economy, safety, performance and reliability in a range of vehicle categories.
Price -- The price you pay for a new vehicle will vary from dealership to dealership, but we'll be considering the manufacturer's suggested retail price before discounts, incentives and rebates. Go»
Safety -- Using an amalgam of ratings provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the independent Web site, informedforlife.org, this choice will give you the safest vehicles in your chosen style. Go»
Going green  
Going green -- The price of gasoline has many consumers shopping for cars that squeeze the most miles from a gallon. Using an average of the EPA city-highway projected mileage numbers, we list the most fuel efficient gasoline-powered vehicle in your favorite body style. Go»
Reliability -- We've examined reliability and freedom from repair ratings from a variety of recent surveys, including Consumer Reports, Intellichoice and J.D. Power. These are the vehicles most likely to be worry-free. Go»

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