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Bankrate's 2007 New Car Guide
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What's hot?
Pickup | Reliability
By examining reliability and freedom from repair ratings from a variety of recent surveys, including Consumer Reports, Intellichoice and J.D. Power, we rank vehicles most likely to be worry-free.
 Honda Ridgeline Basic:3yr/36K miles
Drivetrain: 5yr/60K miles
Honda Ridgeline   Although it has only been on the market for a little more than two years, the Ridgeline is getting good marks for reliability in Consumer Reports surveys. Owner reports are very positive, though Consumer Reports gives the Ridgeline only "average" reliability prediction. MSRP: $28,000-$35,090.
 Toyota Tacoma Basic: 3yr/36K miles
Drivetrain: 5yr/60K miles
Toyota Tacoma   Predicted reliability by Consumer Reports says that Tacoma owners should experience better than average results, with high marks in all major mechanical areas. Owner satisfaction surveys by J.D. Power put the Tacoma near the top of the class. MSRP: $21,290-$41,850.
 Nissan Frontier Basic: 3yr/36K miles
Drivetrain: 5yr/60K miles
Nissan Frontier   The Frontier has improved noticeably over the years in reliability, overcoming issues with paint and trim, as well as minor engine problems to achieve a "better than average" rating from Consumer Reports. MSRP: $14,180-$26,015

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