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Bankrate's 2007 New Car Guide
Dollar$ & $en$e
Status and styling aside, many car-buying decisions boil down to bucks and budgets.
Dollar$ & $en$e
Select a conversation:
Bling King (salesman):
"Whoa, that Hummer's flash! What'd it set you back?"
  [Let's take a peek in your wallet, shall we?]
Big Shot (customer):
"Seventy large, fully loaded. You believe I had to pay extra to have the gun turrets put back in?"
  [Who's the baddest? Who's the baddest?]
Bling King :
"But worth every penny, right? You can buy a watch or you can buy a Rolex, am I right? I can't show you bigger, you've got me there, but I can certainly show you faster."
  [Never met a Hummer driver without a need for speed.]
Big Shot:
"That's what I was thinking. Something sleek and hot, like this Z4."
  [Are gun turrets an option on a Beemer?]
Bling King:
"OK, but I gotta warn you: You may be disappointed in the price. I can't charge you any more than $42,000 for it. (Laughs)"
  [At least not upfront.]
Big Shot:
"In that case, I guess I'll have to pay cash. (Laughs)"
  [Do they make Kevlar ragtops?]
Bling King:
"But I can make sure my F&I guy (finance and insurance) writes up the full package, including extended warranty and undercoating."
  [Wonder if we can charge to buff his lug nuts?]
Big Shot:
"What are we waiting for? Let's do this thing!"
  [This man's got a self-image war to win!]
Where he went wrong:
Yes, Virginia, for some buyers, money is no object. And because the Big Shot is buying his ride instead of financing, that alone removed one whole potentially lucrative profit stream from the dealer.
But the bling King not only got top dollar on his first offer, he shrewdly used the Big Shot's Hummer-sized ego against him by getting his consent to pack on extras like extended warranty and undercoating, which are often unnecessary or redundant.
And unless you truly were made of money, you wouldn't actually buy a new car without a test drive, would you?

By Jay MacDonald -- Posted: Aug. 2, 2007

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