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Bankrate's 2007 New Car Guide
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What's hot?
Feng shui your way to the perfect car color
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Your best car colors are based on your personal kua number. Each kua number (you can calculate yours below) is based on your year of birth and gender, and is linked with two sets of colors, one for wealth and power and one for relationships.

Once you've determined your kua number, choose a color from the category that best fits your goals for the car. If you're buying a car primarily to drive to work, for example, you'll want to consider a color that's aligned with wealth and power category. If you're looking for a minivan to cart around the kids, a relationship color might be a better choice.

If you find that your kua number lines up with colors you haven't considered, Weber encourages people to take a leap. "If you're someone who's always gotten a blue car, maybe it's time to get out of your rut," she says. "It's good to consider things that are very different from what you normally do, and this is one tool for making that selection."

Car colors based on personal kua number
Kua No. Wealth/power colors Relationship colors
1 Green, purple Red, pink, purple, burgundy
2 Yellow, brown, taupe, beige Silver, gold, white, pearl
3 Red, pink, burgundy Green
4 Blue, black, purple Dark green, brown
5 Yellow, brown, taupe, beige Gray, silver, gold, white, pearl
6 Gray, silver, white, pearl Yellow, brown, beige, taupe
7 Gold, silver, gray, white, pearl Yellow, brown, beige, taupe
8 Yellow, brown, beige, taupe Gold, silver, gray, white, pearl
9 Dark green, brown Blue, black, purple

You can manually calculate your kua number simply by following this formula:

-- Posted: Aug. 2, 2007
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