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What's hot?
Feng shui your way to the perfect car color

In recent years, feng shui has become a popular tool for Westerners arranging spaces in their home or office. Now some believe the ancient Chinese practice might even be able to help choose a car that will improve your chances of achieving wealth, power and even better relationships.

To determine your best car colors, you must first know your kua number, which you can obtain using this simple calculator:

Step 1: Enter last two digits of your year of birth.

Step 2: Select whether you are male or female.

Calculate your colors:
Enter last two digits of year of birth:
Select one: Male Female
Your kua number is:
Here are your colors:
Wealth & Power: Relationship:

Kathryn Weber, certified master feng shui consultant and publisher of the Red Lotus Letter, says Westerners are just beginning to see the benefits of using color to affect their lives.

"The idea is that a color isn't just a color," she says. "We don't always think about the idea that we could have lucky colors, and that we could influence our luck with colors." A car -- which plays a significant role in many people's lives -- is no exception.

While Jami Lin, feng shui master and color expert, admits that using feng shui to choose a car color is untraditional, she says the right hues can make a difference. "Every color has a certain energy," she says, "so you should think about the colors you're using in your life."

-- Posted: Aug. 2, 2007
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