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What's hot is hot and what's hot is not, because what's hot is always cool. Confused? You won't be after you dive into our 2004 New Car Guide stories examining all things hot and cool in the automotive world today. These are the cars and products everyone's talking about. The most-anticipated cars of the new model year, the top colors and options, along with the latest technology in navigation, safety, entertainment, the environment -- all the way to the newest and coolest -- and, of course, hottest -- wheels and headlights. We've even included some things truly hot -- the very fastest production cars of the year.

What's hot

All-new models for 2004 -- There's new ... and there's brand new. Here are the never-before-seen additions to the automotive scene.

8 most-anticipated cars of 2004 -- They're getting all the buzz, the hype, the ballyhoo. Reminiscent of a long-gone ketchup commercial, anticipation over these highly publicized 2004 models are keeping us waiting.

Go green in environmentally smart cars -- There's more choices as demand increases and technology improves.

Cars that go zoom -- Forget fuel economy. Foget taking kids to soccer. You want a real muscle car, and you're in luck: 2004 is the year for cars that fill your need for speed.


What's the golden auto color? Try silver -- What's hot inside and outside your automobile this year.

Safety features: What they cost, how they work -- Today's auto manufacturers offer a slew of gadgets designed for safety.

Best and worst of the new options -- What you want, what you need and what you can get along without.

The best buys on options -- Which options represent the best values and which are overpriced?


Helping your auto find its way -- In-car navigational systems show promise, but do they enhance your driving experience enough to justify the price?

OnStar: Should it twinkle for you? -- A massive advertising campaign is making OnStar a household name. What, exactly, does it do? How does it work and how much does it cost?

Does your car talk too much? -- Technological advances such as black box recorders collect information. But whose is it?

Now radio comes from a satellite near you -- Satellite radio is rapidly finding its way into new cars as standard or optional equipment. What is it, and how much does it cost?

Hot sounds for cool cars -- Short of investing a year's salary in an after-market sound system, what's available as standard and optional new car equipment? Here are your good-better-best choices at various price levels.

What's hot in headlights? -- The old sealed-beams are rapidly fading into the darkness as a new generation of beacons lighs the way. We take a look at new advances in auto lighting systems.

Custom wheels are on a roll -- Once just the provenance of teenagers, these shiny accessories are catching on.

-- Posted: Dec. 9, 2003

2004 Car Guide
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