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John Madden: America's coast-to-coast commuter -- John MaddenMonday Night Football announcer John Madden has no fear of flying. He's just claustrophobic. As a result, he commutes 80,000 miles a year in his incredible cruiser. Take a short ride with him here. MoreRobbie Knievel, in his own words --Robbie Knievel America's premier motorcycle jumper, Robbie Knievel -- son of the legendary Evel Knievel -- gives Bankrate readers a first-person glimpse of life from inside his helmet. More

1994 Dodge Viper GTS coupe

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Hummer H2

Drivestyles of the rich and famous -- It's said he who dies with the most toys wins. Then funnymen Jay Leno and Jerry Seinfeld are way ahead in the game. We look around Tinseltown for the drivestyles of the rich and famous. More


Bentley Continental GTWhat the other 1 percent drives -- There are some really high-dollar rides out there, such as the Lamborghini Gallardo, Ferrari 360 Modena or Mercedes Maybach. It's said if you have to ask how much, you can't afford them. We ask. More

Hidden meanings of car ads -- "We'll pay $5,000 for your trade even if you push it in," the ad boasts. But will they, really? Here are the hidden truths behind the 7 worst car ad slogans. More

The scoop on concept cars -- Toyota FINE-S concept vehicleAutomakers love to create these off-the-wall vehicles, but why? Are they just vanity projects for designers or have some actually been driven onto Main Street? More

Plugging in your auto -- We're not talking electric cars, but all the gizmos that have been designed for the electrical outlets that now are ubiquitous in new autos. More

-- Posted: Dec. 9, 2003

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