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No more rent!Just say no to rent!

Every time you renew that lease, a little voice in your head reminds you that you are throwing money away. Silence the voice by taking the plunge into homeownership.

Rent or buy: What's the best decision for you?
Sure, everyone says to buy a house as soon as you can. But in truth, it's not right for everybody. You might want to stop and think whether that advice really applies to you before handing over your down payment.

7 things not to do when buying a new home
Three experts offer advice on land mines to steer clear of when you're getting ready to buy a home -- and some may surprise you.

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A timeline for buying a home
You've got plenty to do. We'll help you keep track of what and when you need to do it.

10 biggest home-buying mistakes
Learn from the mistakes of others before you take the plunge.

How much house can you afford?
Let us help you do the math by figuring your housing expenses against your income.

Get pre-approved, not pre-qualified
It makes things easier for both you and the seller.

Tools to use:
Rent or buy your next home: Which is best for you?
Estimate your FICO score
How much house can you afford calculator
Calculate your monthly mortgage payment

Illustrations by Brandy Kesl.

-- Posted: Dec. 30, 2004
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