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Goodbye debt!

The burden has been taking its toll. You don't sleep well, your back hurts and you can't imagine ever having the freedom to retire. You must get rid of your debt. It is not impossible, but it will take hard work and determination. Do you have it in you? Yes, you do.

Good debt and bad debt
Do you know the kind of debt you've incurred? Find out if it is good or bad.

Get out of debt: Create a spending plan
Your brain is a computer, but it needs more memory. At least in the beginning, use a written guide to track your cash.

Pack away your debts with the payment push
Your good, bad and indifferent debts are all mixed up and you can't tell which is which. Just rank them by interest rate with highest at the top and start chipping away.

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Home equity loans: The basics
A home equity loan can help you dig yourself out of debt. Just be careful not to run up those debts again.

Tools you can use
Household budgeting worksheet
Calculator: The true cost of paying the minimum
Calculator: Calculate your payments on any loan

Illustrations by Brandy Kesl.


-- Posted: Dec. 30, 2004
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