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Thrifty 60: Money mistakes to avoid in '06

It's that time of year again. The holidays become history and practicality replaces pleasure.

Suddenly, everyone wants to get fit -- either physically or fiscally.

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If you're like most Americans you want to shape up.

For many, that means New Year's resolutions that focus on diet books, gym memberships, jogging trails and crunches.

For others, the vows for 2006 include household budgeting, cost cutting, debt consolidation and refinancing.

At Bankrate, we may not be much help when it comes to shedding weight and toning abs, but our stable of expert columnists can sure help you out when it comes to getting fiscally and financially fit.

This year, columnists Don Taylor, Steve Bucci, George Saenz, Steve McLinden and Justin Harelik concentrated on learning from past mistakes and how to avoid repeating them.

Bankrate experts' advice
Repeating your money errors of the past is a sure way to personal finance wreck and ruin.
Here, Bankrate columnists identify their picks as the worst mistakes you can make when it comes to your finances in the areas of real estate, debt, taxes, bankruptcy and personal finance, along with tips on how to avoid them next year.
Thrifty 60
1. 10 big bankruptcy blunders
2.10 missteps that will plunge you into debt
3. 10 real-estate wreckers
4.10 terrible tax mistakes
5. 10 top money errors
6. 10 miscues when dealing with debt collectors




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-- Posted: Dec. 20, 2005
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