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Financial resolutions for 2005

Bankrate's columnists offer 50 ways to save in the coming year -- on everything from taxes to real estate to debt.

Ask Dr. Don

Dr. Don's top 10 for 2005 -- Take these 10 steps to a brighter and more secure financial future.

Debt Adviser
10 reasons to take control of your spending -- With the new year comes a fresh opportunity to take control of spending and avoid problem debt. The Debt Adviser offers 10 reasons to take care of your spending in 2005.
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Real Estate Adviser
10 things home buyers overlook -- If you're planning to purchase a home in 2005, check out these tips first.
Tax Adviser

Fahrenheit $7.4 trillion: a look at the new tax bill -- Tax expert George Saenz takes a look at 10 winners and losers in new tax legislation.

Work with Marty Nemko
Top 10 career resolutions for the new year -- Here are some tips on how to improve your career and get ahead.
-- Posted: Dec. 29, 2004
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