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What's your financial giving style?

Just how do you approach donating to charitable causes? Our quiz can help you determine how your giving style reflects your outlook on life and money.

Giving is like chocolate. It's all good, but everyone likes something different.

So what do your charitable choices say about you? Is your giving spur of the moment, like dropping a large bill into that Salvation Army pot? Or do you need an opportunity to take charge, like chairing that alumnae fundraiser? And what's more likely to give you that warm glow: writing a check, pitching in or a combination of both?

Your answers to these seven questions can give you a look at how your giving style might reflect your outlook on life and money.

  1. You give:

    When someone asks. No planning involved.
    Irregularly but frequently. You may or may not plan ahead.
    On a regular schedule. And you definitely do some planning.
  2. Your charitable involvement includes:

    Writing a check.
    Volunteering time.
    Volunteering time and sending a check.
    Getting others involved, as well.
  3. Before you give, you want to see:

    The beneficiaries. Who does the money help and how?
    The backers. Who is giving and why?
    The financials. Give me those 990s! And any other paperwork you can find.
    A comprehensive history. This group has been helping people for a long time, and has a solid reputation.
  4. You prefer to do your giving:

    Privately. That way you choose the times and causes that best reflect you.
    As part of a group. That way you can leverage your money, have a sounding board for questions and ideas and socialize at the same time.
    Individually and with groups.
  5. Your disposable income comes from:

    Your earnings.
    A legacy.
  6. You figure your annual donations are about average. That means the total you contribute, in money, time and goods, comes to:

    Between $100 and $1,000.
    Between $1,000 and 1,500.
    More than $1,500.
  7. The biggest slice of charity giving comes from:


-- Posted: Oct. 15, 2004


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