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Is it time to change jobs?

Time to change jobs quiz

Is your job a drag? Or do you enjoy it so much that you have to be dragged away from your desk each evening?

If you're in the first category, it may be time to move on. But changing jobs isn't a decision to be made rashly. There are many things to consider, such as pay, perks and personnel policies. Even your office's location could tip the quit-or-stay scale.

Your answers to these dozen workplace queries should help you determine if you're stuck in a job that's killing your career (or worse, your sanity) or if you've got the job that the rest of us want.

  1. You have lunch alone with your supervisor:

    Every week at your favorite restaurant.
    Once a year when your boss is apologizing for missing your performance review.
    A few times a year at your boss's favorite restaurant.
  2. You get a big, very important assignment due in two weeks. You:

    Put off the work until the last minute because you find it difficult to please your boss and you worry that you will fail.
    Get unsolicited coaching from your boss because she wants to make sure you succeed at the project and get a promotion.
    Work very, very hard, but generally have no idea what you're doing because your boss offers no guidance and, if the project fails, she will take no blame.
  3. Your phone rings 15 times in one hour. The persistent callers are:

    Your friends, because they know you make your evening plans in the afternoon when work gets slow.
    Headhunters, because you are so high profile in your job that people are starting to talk about your future in the field.
    Your mom, because you told her if you don't get a new job soon you're going to kill yourself.
  4. You wake up with a throbbing boulder attached to your gum. You:

    Stumble painfully into the office and wax nostalgic about the good old days when the job offered sick days and health insurance.
    Call human resources to find out if you have any comp time left. When you find that you have none, you declare you're working from home and then go to the dentist.
    Leave a message for your boss that you'll be at the dentist. The next day, you receive an e-mail from your boss expressing genuine concern.
  5. Your company is in the newspaper today because it just:

    Beat Wall Street's revenue expectations.
    Laid off 50 percent of the staff.
    Canned the CEO and hired a top turnaround specialist.
  6. Your co-worker in the adjoining cubicle just got dumped by her boyfriend. Now she:

    Cries all day and has stopped doing her work, leaving you to pick up the slack.
    Asks you if you have any friends who are available.
    Informs you that she stole a bunch of electronics from her ex and is storing the stash in her cube. "If he comes by with a gun, don't worry," she adds. "He'd never use it."
  7. Your company is located:

    Three blocks from your dream house and you walk to work.
    A five-hour plane ride from the home where your three kids live.
    In a state you promised yourself you would not live in for more than five years.
  8. Your office space is:

    A claustrophobic cube, but at least it's ergonomically correct.
    Shared with another employee and you only get to use the computer when she goes to lunch.
    So bright, sunny and well-furnished that you wish you could entertain your dates here instead of at your apartment.
  9. At the end of your midday workout you:

    Toss your sweaty clothes into the company's health club laundry, which will have them washed, pressed and in your locker by tomorrow's workout.
    Go to the company cafeteria and load up on subsidized carbohydrates.
    Hit the bars because work is so slow that there's no reason to go back.
  10. During your performance review, your boss:

    Informs you there is a salary freeze for everyone not related to the CEO.
    Gives you a map for the next five years that will rocket-launch your career.
    Tells you that his own boss gave him a horrid performance review and asks if you would put in a good word for him.
  11. During a business trip with the CEO:

    He uses the time to mentor you about the ways of deal making and then sits back and watches you close the deal of your life.
    You book a flight on an obscure airline with two plane transfers to save money and find out the CEO is flying a major carrier (at twice the price) to get frequent-flier miles.
    He invites you back to his hotel room at midnight and when you decline, he says he's insulted that you would think it was for anything but business.
  12. You hold a team meeting in your office and:

    Everyone shows up late except for the person you have been trying to fire for a year; she showed up a day early.
    They surprise you with a birthday cake even though you didn't tell them it's your birthday.
    Your office is so small that the meeting has to be moved to a conference room, but there isn't one available so you cancel the meeting.


-- Posted: May 10, 2004



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