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Checklist for selling online

One hundred and fourteen million registered Ebay users can't be wrong. Online auctions are hot, hot, hot. If you want to make some extra holiday cash by selling your treasures, follow these 12 steps for a smooth transaction.

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1. Pick an auction site. Make note of all fees.

2. Search auction sites and stores for your item or similar merchandise. Make note of starting prices, reserve prices, ending prices, descriptions and photos.

3. Research shipping and insurance costs.

4. Register as a seller with the site.

5. Create a listing page to advertise your item. Be sure to include:

  • Payment options

  • A starting price and a reserve price, if any

  • A description including shipping and estimated insurance costs

  • Photos of your item

6. Submit your page after previewing for errors or omissions.

7. Answer all bidder e-mails politely and promptly.

8. E-mail the winner with instructions and request shipping information.

9. Ship your item, carefully packed, as soon as the payment clears.

10. Notify the winner of shipping. Include an estimated delivery date and tracking numbers.

11. When feedback is posted for you, place feedback in kind.

12. Do not ever commit fraud -- it is against the law and many government and consumer agencies are cracking down. Omitting flaws or creating a fake history for an item constitutes fraud. So does placing shill testimonials (fake feedback from yourself, friends, family or cohorts) or shill bids (fake bids to drive up your price). If in doubt, ask yourself how you would like to be treated if you were the bidder.

-- Updated: July 28, 2004





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