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Selling your stuff in an online auction
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Choose a descriptive category for the lunchbox. It would fit in antiques, collectibles, pop culture, metal ware, toys, memorabilia and television. To be as specific as possible, you choose collectible, sub-category pop-culture, sub-category lunch boxes, sub-category vintage metal. This way your item will appear in searches for all of the above.

At this point, you can choose whether you want to set a reserve price. You set one at $20.

Describe the box
You need to write a description. Be as detailed as possible, mentioning any flaws or scratches in both the lunchbox and thermos. Do not leave anything out. If you falsely describe or intentionally leave flaws out, you are guilty of fraud -- which is a crime. You want the bidder to be happy when he gets the lunchbox, and no one likes surprises of the negative sort. So be accurate. Put the box and thermos next to the computer and write:

This is a vintage Incredible Hulk metal lunchbox with thermos. I got it in 1983. It is 7 inches by 8 inches by 3¾ inches. It was used from September 1983 until May 1984 and has some wear and tear. It has been in storage ever since. The front of the box shows the Hulk growling amid a pile of ruins. The reverse shows the Hulk breaking through a brick wall. The sides have pictures of various characters of the series. The handle is made of Hulk-green plastic. The rim on the lid of the lunch box has some rust. The center of the lid has a small dent as the result of a playground dispute. There are some small scratches on the reverse side. The inside of the box is rust-free. The outside of the thermos has various pictures of the Hulk. The inside of the thermos has a tint of residue from the tomato soup my mom put in it, even though she knows I hate tomatoes. Otherwise, the thermos is in good condition and has its original screw-on lid and green cup-cap.

I will accept credit card and check payments made through PayPal only. Payments must be received within 10 days of the end of the auction.

Shipping is $4.30 sent by U.S. Postal Service priority mail. Insurance depends on the cost at the end of the auction but will probably be about $1.50.

I will ship the item the day I receive payment, if payment is received before noon on a business day. Otherwise, I will ship the next business day.

I will accept returns within one week of receiving the item, but shipping costs will not be refunded.

Please e-mail me with any questions before you bid.

Taking shots at the box
Pictures are imperative. They will help you describe your item as accurately as possible and let the bidder see exactly what you have. You should take shots of the front, back, sides and inside of the lunch box. Insert all of these on your page. You can use a digital camera to take the pictures, or, if you have a scanner, you can use regular photos and scan them in. Pictures should be up close and focused -- fuzzy photos or photos taken at a distance appear deceptive.

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Seller checklist for online auctions
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