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Financial Literacy
Work sheets 2007
Personal finance work sheets
As part of its Financial Literacy series, Bankrate offers work sheets to help you plot your personal finance strategies.
Worksheet archives

Archive of Financial Literacy work sheets
January 2007
Create your family budget
Emergency fund work sheet
Dealing with debt work sheet
Monthly financial calendar work sheet
Daily expense tracker work sheet
10 reasons to budget work sheet
Net worth work sheet
February 2007
Compare credit cards
Checklist for transferring credit card balances
Do-it-yourself credit repair checklist
Lower interest rate request work sheet
No more late fees work sheet
Credit card data work sheet
Dispute a purchase made on credit
Credit card inventory
Credit card protector
Form letter to fix credit report errors
Checklist for credit report errors
March 2007
9 steps to cancel PMI
Saving for a down payment
Safeguarding your housing information
How much house can you afford?
Which lender is right for you?
Interviewing mortgage lenders
How to get a mortgage
Collecting necessary paperwork
April 2007
Retirement planning checklist
Budget for retirement
Protect yourself from scams
Daily expense tracker
Spending plan
Dealing with debt
May 2007
How much equity do you have in your home?
Compare home equity loan offers
Questions to ask refinance lenders
Questions to ask lenders
Safeguarding your housing information
June 2007
Form letter for fixing credit report mistakes
Checklist to fix credit report mistakes
Do-it-yourself credit repair checklist
Keep track of your debt
Monthly financial calendar
No more late fees work sheet
Free credit reports and credit reporting agencies
Cancel a credit card without dinging your score
Form letter to cancel a credit card account
Form for name change request on credit report
July 2007
Create your family budget
Creating an emergency fund
Daily expense tracker
How to request a lower interest rate
Dealing with debt
Grow an emergency fund
August 2007
Questions to ask about auto insurance
Questions to ask on health insurance
Questions to ask on homeowners insurance
Questions to ask about life insurance
Form letter for denial of out-of-network benefits
Form letter for denial of medical procedure
September 2007
College budget work sheet
Budget: spending allowances
Budget: weekly spending tracker
Daily expense tracker work sheet
Creating an emergency fund
College cost comparison work sheet
Calculate how much to borrow in private loans
Financial aid tracker
October 2007
Protect yourself from scams
Researching and comparing mutual funds
Discovering investment goals
Compare mutual fund fees
Questions for financial planners
November 2007
Real and personal property
Important contacts
Income and financial records
Liabilities inventory
Insurance inventory
Preparing your executor
Burial wishes
December 2007
Capital gains and losses work sheet
Charitable donation work sheet
Investment cost basis work sheet
Medical and dental expenses work sheet
Moving expenses work sheet
Tax preparation checklist

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