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Financial Literacy
Take Action 2007
Take Action with personal finances
As part of its Financial Literacy series, Bankrate's articles help you take action with your personal finances.
Take action archives

Archive of Take Action articles

4/23/2007 - 10 golden rules for your 401(k)
Follow these guidelines to find success in growing your retirement nest egg.

4/23/2007 - Retirement Plans 101
Take a look at the features of each type of retirement accounts, from 401(k) plans to SEPs.

3/19/2007 - 5 types of mortgage loans
Here's a guide to the mortgages generally available and a look at the advantages and risks inherent in the loans.

3/19/2007 - Finding a mortgage lender
Scoring the best deal means finding the lender who understands your situation and works for you.

3/19/2007 - 5 mortgage mess-ups
Before applying for a mortgage, get your credit in shape. Any of these five moves could sabotage your mortgage approval.

3/19/2007 - Mortgage contract suprises
Know what you're agreeing to pay and what limitations you'll have for selling before signing your mortgage.

3/19/2007 - Refinancing an exotic mortgage
Tighter lending standards and sluggish market challenge those looking to convert ARMs and interest-only mortgages.

2/20/2007 - 6 steps to credit card serenity
Don't lose sleep fretting about your credit card balances. Bring balance to your life with these simple steps.

2/20/2007 - 5 balance transfer trip ups
Moving expensive debt to a card with a lower interest rate makes sense, but tread carefully.

2/20/2007 - Improve credit score
Unhappy with your credit score? Boost it by following these three steps.

2/20/2007 - Smart ways to use credit
Four ways to put your credit cards to work on your behalf.

1/31/2007 - 7 secrets to creating a budget
What good is a budget if you can't live with it? Follow these seven steps to build a budget for your lifestyle.

1/31/2007 - 6 budget bombs
The best intentions for smart saving and spending are easily sabotaged by any of these budget blunders.

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