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Financial Literacy
Spotlights 2007
Archive of Spotlight interviews
As part of its Financial Literacy series, Bankrate features interviews with experts and celebrities about money.
Spotlight archives

Archive of Spotlight interviews

10/22/2007 - Mutual funds are for losers
Those who remain ignorant about investing make a big mistake when they buy mutual funds, says author Phil Town.

10/22/2007 - Celebrities talk about investing
The famous share their lessons about money.

9/17/2007 - Tamara Draut
An expert on young people and money talks about the trouble with debt-based aid.

9/17/2007 - Joe Hurley
Our College Money Guru tells you everything you need to know about college savings plans.

9/17/2007 - On college financing
Celebrities speak out

8/20/2007 - Sandy Praeger
The president-elect of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners tells consumers how to get a fair shake.

8/20/2007 - Kathy Buckley
Kathy Buckley cracks jokes as she reveals cracks in the insurance system.

8/20/2007 - Stephen Pollan
The unconventional financial guru is betting that his insurance company will take a loss on him.

8/20/2007 - Celebrities & savings
The rich and famous can be oblivious or downright pessimistic about insurance.

8/20/2007 - Nascar drivers' spending power
Insurance premiums don't seem expensive to those who speed for a living.

7/23/2007 - Sharon Epperson
Talking to your partner about money is critical, says the veteran journalist and author of a new book about couples and money.

7/23/2007 - Jean Chatzky
Take baby steps to build a sizable emergency fund, says this personal finance expert.

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