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Focus on health and wealth
Alice is young, but wishes to address health concerns as she plans her retirement.
Securing retirement
Profile: Alice G., of Lorton, Va.
The problem:
Alice has health care concerns that she wishes to address from a financial planning standpoint.
The plan:
Proper insurance planning and understanding of health care solutions will help provide near-term and long-term solutions to her planning.
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The profile
Alice G., 33, has been an excellent saver. She recently was diagnosed with a prediabetes condition and her cholesterol is high. Since her father has had diabetes for many years and her mother's family has a history of heart problems, Alice is concerned about her genetic predisposition to these conditions. They may cause disability or prompt an early retirement, so she needs to prepare for these potential outcomes.

Alice is currently single with no immediate plans for marriage or children, though she has not ruled out these possibilities. She has a younger sister, and her parents are in their early 60s, in poor health. It is conceivable that she may need to care for one or both of them in the future.

Alice wonders if she has saved enough money for her age. How can she balance saving for the future without sacrificing so much that she avoids doing the things she enjoys now -- like dancing and traveling. This is especially important to her, as she is fairly healthy right now.

The problem  

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