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Polls 2008
Archive of Bankrate polls
As part of its Financial Literacy series, Bankrate gauges the personal finance concerns of Americans.
Poll archives

Archive of 2008 Bankrate polls

10/27/2008 - National poll: Americans have faith in the stock market
Bankrate's poll reveals many Americans were unfazed after a horrific week in the markets, and most remain optimistic.

10/27/2008 - Online poll: What's holding you back from getting ahead?
Take this quiz to see how your thoughts about your finances and the economy measure up to those of other Americans.

08/27/2008 - National poll: Americans somewhat less clueless
More people know what kind of mortgage they have than last year, but more also worry about making home payments.

08/27/2008 - Online poll: Squeezed by creditors?
Take this poll to see how your borrowing experiences compare to those of other Americans.

06/23/2008 - National poll: America's retirement prospects in doubt
We're as uncertain about retiring with enough money as we are about the economy.

06/23/2008 - Online poll: Will retirement be distressing?
Whether you are well-prepared or in denial, see how your hopes and fears compare with those of others in the nation.

04/21/2008 - National poll: Americans worry about identity theft
But consumers may be confused about the most effective strategies to protect their privacy.

04/21/2008 - Online poll: What Americans do to prevent ID theft
Gauge your level of fear or complacency on the subject versus that of other Americans.

03/17/2008 - National poll: Americans want to save more
We'd all like to save more money. A major obstacle is the cost of living.

02/25/2008 - National poll on debt: What, us worry?
Americans' ambivalent attitudes about debt may backfire during an economic crisis, say experts.

02/25/2008 - Online poll: Are you a saver or a spender?
Take this poll to see how your answers to these questions stack up against those of other Americans.


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