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Financial Literacy - Insurance
NASCAR drivers and money
Insurance premiums don't seem expensive to those who speed for a living.
Understanding insurance needs

NASCAR drivers' spending power
Are stock car racers overpaid?

You make the call. Choose one of these top 20 earners in NASCAR from Bankrate.com's list of the highest-paid professional stock car drivers, and see how ordinary purchases affect their bank accounts compared to that of an average $30,000-a-year consumer. One thing we can guess offhand: They probably have no trouble paying their car insurance bills, even if their premiums are well above average!

Photos courtesy of NASCAR.com
Excludes signing bonuses, incentives, endorsements, appearance fees, perks, per diem, etc.
Income: $5,466,100 a year
At this price*
Seems to cost:
* Relative price of products
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-- Posted: Aug. 20, 2007
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