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Financial Literacy
Money Makeovers 2007
Archive of money makeovers
As part of its Financial Literacy series, Bankrate helps everyday consumers with their personal finance issues.
Money makeover archives

Archive of Money Makeover articles

12/17/2007 - Tax and wedding planning
Lori wants to tie up some loose financial ends before she ties the nuptial knot.

11/19/2007 - Preparing for a life event
Jennifer faces several important financial decisions, especially those pertaining to her estate plan.

10/22/2007 - Getting investments in order
The Timms want to know if they should pay cash for their home, as well as how to allocate their retirement assets.

9/17/2007 - College savings dilemma
This Kansas family has two college-bound teenagers and haven't begun to save. What should they do?

8/20/2007 - Filling the health insurance gap
Many couples in their 50s and early 60s must get health insurance coverage until Medicare kicks in.

7/23/2007 - Building an emergency cushion
This single mom's a good saver, but savings are scattered and too diversified. Her finances need more focus.

6/18/2007 - Poor credit is expensive
Angel is about to be married and she wants a fresh start on her credit life as soon as possible.

5/21/2007 - Upside down in home
The family home is mortgaged to the hilt between an ARM and a home equity loan.

3/19/2007 - Option ARM blues
This family faces a dilemma millions understand. Their option ARM started off great but is now zapping their bottom line.

2/20/2007 - Drowning in credit card debt
Wendy's paying her bills, but lives paycheck-to-paycheck. Meanwhile, credit card balances are going up, not down.

1/31/2007 - Skimpy savings vex single mom
Mom's the breadwinner in this family. She worries about having enough money to retire, let alone support her sons.


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