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Financial Literacy - Protecting your identity Click Here
Get control
These steps can help you prevent identity theft or deal with it if you're already a victim.
Protecting your identity

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Look inside
 Securing your computer
Make sure your personal finances stay personal by taking these steps to protect your computer and thwart the efforts of thieves.
 How to surf and shop safely
Protective software can only go so far. Unsafe behaviors can override that protection.
 12-step program for ID theft victims
Follow these steps to reclaim your identity and clean up your credit.
 7 easy ways to lose your identity
If you like red tape and the feeling of being exploited, follow these steps to ensure your identity is no longer your own.
 Do-it-yourself vs. ID theft protection services
You can pay for identity theft protection services or take matters into your own hands.
 Readers tell ID theft tales
Bankrate readers share their stories about identity theft. And scammers try to pull fast ones.
 3 ways ID thieves exploit identity
Credit trouble and financial pain aren't the only symptoms of ID theft. Try criminal, medical and synthetic ID theft on for size.
 Beware of ID thieves at the ATM
Fraudsters have returned to ATMs in force as a favorite fishing hole for that prize catch: your debit card.
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