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Financial Literacy - Protecting your identity Click Here
Avoid an identity crisis
Thwart the efforts of identity thieves by learning how they play the game of taking over your life.
Protecting your identity

Look inside
 The costs of ID theft
Sleazy con artists cause a great deal of inconvenience to society -- not to mention $45 billion in costs.
 Guard your Social Security number
Your SSN should be treated as "classified information," and few people have the right to access it.
 Protect your personal information
Crooks would love to know all about you. Keep them in the dark.
 Risks of online public records
Think you've got your personal data under control? Anyone with a computer can access it online with complete anonymity.
 Lifestage identity theft risks
Identity theft can happen to anyone at any time, but young adults who take more risks make the easiest targets.
 Red flag rules
By November 1st, financial institutions must comply with new federal rules designed to thwart identity thieves.
 26 red flags revealed
Financial institutions will monitor accounts for these red flags.
 Filing a police report
ID theft victims are frustrated when understaffed or indifferent authorities refuse to take a report.
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