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Financial Literacy - Families and finances Click Here
Family treasures
How you spend your energy and money reflects what's important to you. Allocate your resources wisely.
Families and finances

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Look inside
 Planning for special-needs children
Proper planning for special-needs children ensures that their needs are met after parents are gone.
 Savings strategies for different goals
Learn to save for short-term, mid-term and long-term goals by purposeful planning.
 A college investment plan for all ages
Whether you have four years or ten years to save isn't important. But do get started.
 4 money lessons for children to master
Give your children a firm financial foundation upon which they can build a prosperous life.
 Health insurance for kids
Many children are uninsured unnecessarily. Health insurance can be cheap, even free for some families.
 Tips for single parents
Parenthood presents enormous challenges under the best of circumstances. Experts give survival tips.
 Solutions for Mom and Pop
Stressed out from taking care of your mom or dad? Plenty of community resources can lend you a hand.
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