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Debt and savings money plans
We help a young couple in debt. Plus: We check on the progress of two families profiled last year.
Out of the red and into the black

Money makeover
Look inside
 The profile: young and in debt
Student loans and credit card debt kept the Kellys going when they were in school.
 The problem: living paycheck to paycheck
Faced with nearly $100,000 in debt, not including the mortgage, the Kellys want to get out from under it.
 The plan: attack debt systematically
The Kellys should focus on credit card debt first, then on their other obligations.
 Revisiting Lauren Heller
Last year's Money Makeover helped Lauren get a handle on her retirement savings.
 Checking up on Wendy Reck
Bankrate helped Wendy find ways to chip away at her nagging debt. She made big progress!
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