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Experts explain debt
If debt has a stranglehold on your life, it's time to break free. Experts offer solutions, insights.
Out of the red and into the black

Look inside
 Clark Howard disses debt
Attack credit card debt with a 30-month debt-management plan, advises this personal finance author and radio personality.
 Dave Ramsey: Strive to be abnormal
In our society, to be normal is to be broke, says radio personality and TV show host Dave Ramsey.
 Interview: Howard Dvorkin
Many Americans regard credit cards as a source of supplemental income. Instead they might be viewed as a pact with the devil.
 Interview: Gerri Detweiler
If you're in too deep, don't be afraid to reach out for assistance from someone you trust, says this debt expert.
 Celebrities talk money
Those who entertain for a living share their insights about spending, savings and debt.
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