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Financial Literacy - Debt management Click HereSponsored by Equifax
Control your finances
Use these powerful strategies to help you eradicate debt and beef up savings.
Out of the red and into the black

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Look inside
 Money management 101
Developing money management skills is crucial for attaining financial success, no matter how much or little you make.
 6 debt-paydown strategies
Getting in the debt pit is easy; climbing out, not quite so. These strategies help lessen the pain.
 Tackling debt as a family
It's a good idea to get the children involved in the family's objective to eradicate debt.
 7 deadly sins that lead to debt
These misdeeds will almost certainly land you in a contemporary place of torment reminiscent of Dante's Inferno.
 Borrowing options that offer a lifeline
Try not to get caught in a shark feeding frenzy as you look for an escape to safety.
 Readers' success stories
Bankrate readers share their success stories about how they were able to stop living on the edge.
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