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Financial Literacy - Becoming credit savvy Click Here
Dish up a high score
Give yourself the best shot for a great loan by religiously exercising financial discipline.
Fast track to becoming credit savvy

Look inside
 Amelia Warren Tyagi's magic formula
Devote 50 percent of your income to needs, 30 percent to wants and 20 percent to savings, says this author.
 Emily Peters says it's one-sided
In the credit card relationship, consumers get the raw end of the deal, especially now, says this credit expert.
 Ruth Susswein offers credit card basics
Consumer advocate Ruth Susswein explains the advantages and pitfalls of credit cards.
 Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y., looks out for the consumer
Many industry practices have become unfair, deceptive and anticompetitive, says Congresswoman Maloney.
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