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Financial Literacy - College funding
On college financing
Celebrities speak out
Smart ways to pay for college
Carl St. Clair
Michael Connelly
Al Franken
Mike Greenberg
Brad Meltzer
Ian Rankin
Nicholas Sparks
Celebrity Q&A
Who: Brad Meltzer
Author ("The Tenth Justice," "The Millionaires")
Fame & Fortune Q&A:
Bankrate: When did college become a possibility?
Brad Meltzer: My parents started saving for my college education the year before I went to college. Again, we just didn't have it. We were starting over, and it took them years to re-establish themselves. Miraculously, they got me through college at Michigan.
Lesson learned: 
A state school is more affordable than a private school.
Read the entire interview with Brad Meltzer.
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  What's your secret to success with college funds?
Or, are you struggling? Share your story.
-- Posted: Sept. 17, 2007
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