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Financial Literacy - College funding
On college financing
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Mike Greenberg
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Celebrity Q&A
Who: Mike Greenberg
Co-host of ESPN's "Mike & Mike in the Morning"
Fame & Fortune Q&A:
Bankrate: Anything else you can share as far as how you are planning for your retirement and long-term financial future?
Mike Greenberg: The way I try and handle my own finances is, I have a bunch of money invested in a discretionary account, and my goal is to let that go and never touch it. I don't ever use that money. Now, I feel if I break even on what I bring in, my investments are growing without my having to interfere with that. So that's what I consider my long-term financial plan. If I never touch that money, and I have this money in these 529s, which hopefully will pay for some, if not all, of my kids' education, then the money I have that is growing, which will hopefully go untouched for the next 20 years or so while I'm still working and maybe even longer than that, should be more than enough for my wife and I to retire on. So that's the financial strategy I have now.
Lesson learned: 
Invest in 529 plans when your children are young.
Read the entire interview with Mike Greenberg.
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  What's your secret to success with college funds?
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-- Posted: Sept. 17, 2007
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