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Financial Literacy - Planning for your heirs
Celebrities talk about estate planning
Being famous doesn't get them out of the important task of planning for their families' futures after they're gone.
Planning for your heirs
Christopher Buckley
Michael Connelly
Ken Jennings
Don LaFontaine
Jodi Picoult
Ian Rankin
Celebrity Q&A
Who: Michael Connelly
Author (Harry Bosch mystery series, "Blood Work")
Fame & Fortune Q&A:
Bankrate: Has being a family man changed the way you handle money?
Michael Connelly: To some extent. I was never frivolous before, but it makes you think more long term. I don't want what I've been lucky enough to accumulate to just be for me; I want it to carry over. I don't want my daughter to go wanting at any time in her life, so we've created a few things for her that carry past college. I invest in a lot of insurance products that accumulate in value, like annuities.
Lesson learned: 
Plan to leave something to your children.
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  What's your secret to success with estate planning?
Or, are you struggling? Share your story.
-- Posted: Nov. 19, 2007
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