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Financial Literacy - Mortgages
Celebrities talk about real estate
Rock stars, authors, comedians and other stars reflect on their real estate investments.
Understanding mortgages
Suzanne Somers
Stephen J. Dubner
Kinky Friedman
Kathy Griffin
Duff McKagan
Carl Palmer
Rita Rudner
Rob Thomas
Celebrity Q&A
Who: Suzanne Somers
Actress ("Three's Company"), entrepreneur
Fame & Fortune Q&A:
Bankrate: What part of your financial success has given you the greatest joy?
Suzanne Somers: Financial success only gives me one thing: freedom. The freedom to only work with nontoxic people with great ideas who are highly motivated. Other than that, I still only eat three meals a day and wear one outfit at a time. As for investments, I like land a lot. If I see a piece of land that I fell in love with and can buy, I know that a few years down the road, someone else will fall in love with that piece of land and we will sell it.
Lesson learned: 
Land is always attractive.
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-- Posted: March 19, 2007
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