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Financial Literacy - Credit scores
Improving credit tool kit
Calculators, work sheets and lots of strategies for improving your credit.
Credit scoring demystified

Self-help tools, tips and more 
The best way to hang on to more of your money is to know exactly where it goes. Use these calculators, work sheets and more to get your finances humming.

  Bankruptcy timeline: Rebuilding credit
  High credit score can save you plenty
  Hitching a ride on hubby's credit
  Piggyback can lift your credit score
  3 steps to boost your credit score
  Educating teens about credit
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Calculators and decision tools
FICO score estimator
The true cost of paying the minimum
Debt pay off calculator

Terms to know
Credit scoring and credit report glossary

Work sheets
Form letter for fixing credit report mistakes
Checklist to fix credit report mistakes
Do-it-yourself credit repair checklist
Keep track of your debt
Monthly financial calendar
No more late fees work sheet
Free credit reports and credit reporting agencies
Cancel a credit card without dinging your score
Form letter to cancel a credit card account
Form for name change request on credit report

Credit Score Basics
What is a credit score?
Checking your credit reports
How to read a credit report
Fixing mistakes on your credit report
The high cost of ignoring your bills

Outside resources
Federal government resources
Federal Trade Commission: Credit scoring
FTC's Web site on credit
FTC's Web site on identity theft
Credit repair: Self help may be best
Choosing a debt counselor
U.S. Financial Literacy and Education Commission Mymoney.gov
Your credit report: What it says about you
How to establish, use and protect your credit
Your credit rights: How the law protects you
Other outside resources
National Association of Consumer Advocates
Opt out of pre-screened credit offers
The National Foundation for Credit Counseling
American Consumer Credit Counseling

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