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Financial Literacy - Budgeting
Even famous folks budget
Celebs share what they learned about budgeting back when money was hard to come by.
 The simple art of budgeting
Dave Barry
Eric Bogosian
Alice Cooper
Judge Alex Ferrer
Al Franken
Jeff Greenfield
Carl Hiaasen
Meg Tilly
Celebrity Q&A
Who: Meg Tilly
Actress ("Fame," "The Big Chill"), author ("Singing Songs")
Fame & Fortune Q&A:
Bankrate: How did you survive your very poor childhood?
Meg Tilly: I worked as a waitress from the time I was 14. That was Fridays and Saturdays usually until 2:30 or 3 in the morning. It was hard work, but I was really excited because I was earning money. Then I worked at a deli and the restaurant. I had been saving that money. You make money where you can and you save. Coming from that kind of background, you either learn how to save or you learn how to spend. I saved because it gave me a sense of having choices in my life.
Bankrate: "Fame" opened a lot of doors for you and helped end the lean years. Were you prepared to handle success?
Meg Tilly: When I danced in "Fame" that was more money than I'd ever seen. It was like, "holy cow!" I saved most of it, but I did splurge a little. If we had a really long day shoot where we were dancing on concrete all day, I would go to a Chinese takeout and get beef with broccoli -- and that would last for several dinners. Otherwise I would get a big chicken and make a big soup out of it and that would last me for a week. That's how I kept my expenses down in New York.
Lesson learned: 
Eating in will help you save money and saving money will give you choices in life.
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  What's your experience with budgeting? Are you struggling?
Successful? Share your story.
-- Posted: Jan. 31, 2007
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