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Financial Literacy - Budgeting
Even famous folks budget
Celebs share what they learned about budgeting back when money was hard to come by.
 The simple art of budgeting
Dave Barry
Eric Bogosian
Alice Cooper
Judge Alex Ferrer
Al Franken
Jeff Greenfield
Carl Hiaasen
Meg Tilly
Celebrity Q&A
Who: Eric Bogosian
Writer, actor ("Law & Order: Criminal Intent")
Fame & Fortune Q&A:
Bankrate: A lot of artists have to deal with variable income. How do you manage it?
Eric Bogosian: In terms of the way I deal with things financially, I'm frugal. I try to live within my means with as little debt as possible. My first priority was to make sure I had someplace to live in Manhattan, so real estate became part of it, and I just spread out.
Lesson learned: 
Live within your means.
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  What's your experience with budgeting? Are you struggling?
Successful? Share your story.
-- Posted: Jan. 31, 2007
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