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Financial Literacy - Taxes
Read our lips
Politicians generally have an aversion to the T-word. Our experts share their opposing views.
Taxes made easy

 Tackling taxes head-on
Look inside
 A chat with Congressman Charles Rangel, D-N.Y.
Bankrate talks to the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee about his new tax reform bill.
 The tax system needs major tweaking
The political environment is poisoned because almost all congressmen signed a no-new-taxes pledge, says Len Burman of the Tax Policy Center.
 Views from OMB Watch
Politicians who pledge no new taxes are either neglecting the facts or making promises they can't or shouldn't keep.
 Kinky Friedman would rather gamble
The singer, songwriter, mystery writer and former gubernatorial candidate of Texas says taxes aren't too terribly interesting.
 Celebrities talk taxes
From actress Lorraine Bracco to actor Steve Schirripa, celebrities have something to say about taxes.
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