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Financial Literacy - Taxes
Celebrities talk taxes
From actress Lorraine Bracco to actor Steve Schirripa, celebrities have something to say about taxes.
Taxes made easy
Lorraine Bracco
George Carlin
David Crosby
Eddie Money
Jodi Picoult
John Saul
Steve Schirripa
Celebrity Q&A
Who: Steve Schirripa
Actor ("The Sopranos")
Fame & Fortune Q&A:
Bankrate: What was your first year on the show like?
Steve Schirripa: My first season -- I got cast in June 1999 -- you had to work as a local hire, which means they don't pay your way, they don't put you up, none of that. And my agent advised me not to take it. She said, "Steve, it's going to cost you money." And I said, "You know what? I've got money, I'm doing OK and I'm looking at the bigger picture here." And I paid my own air fares, I put myself up, I fed myself, and that first year I think I made $24,000 on the show and it cost me about $22,000 to make the $24,000. That's not counting commissions and taxes. So I actually lost money the first year. But the next year they made me a regular, HBO flew me out here, I still kept my house in Vegas.
Lesson learned: 
Taxes will always be part of the picture, whether you make or lose money.
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-- Posted: Dec. 17, 2007
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