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Financial Literacy - Insurance
Celebrities talk about insurance
Some regard insurance as important; others are pessimistic or oblivious about insurance.
Understanding insurance needs
Mike Greenberg
Lisa Lampanelli
Eddie Money
Stephen Pollan
Celebrity Q&A
Who: Mike Greenberg
Co-host of ESPN's "Mike & Mike in the Morning"
Fame & Fortune Q&A:
Bankrate: Anything you can share as far as how you are planning for your retirement and long-term financial future?
Mike Greenberg: It's funny, because recently, I did the first completely unselfish thing in my entire life -- I bought a whole bunch of life insurance. That was a financial decision I had never really thought about before. All of a sudden you wake up one day and realize, I've got two kids, and if I should get hit by a truck tomorrow, this is potentially a major problem. All of a sudden, in one day, I went from just being concerned with, "I want to have money to take nice vacations and go to Europe this year," to much longer-term thinking.
Lesson learned: 
Life insurance is important when you have a young family.
Read the entire interview with Mike Greenberg.
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-- Posted: Aug. 20, 2007
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