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Kathy Buckley
Kathy Buckley cracks jokes as she reveals cracks in the insurance system.
Understanding insurance needs

Interview: Kathy Buckley

Kathy Buckley has ranted about the ridiculous, the serious and the just plain funny during her stand-up routines over the years. But the 50-year-old award-winning author and motivational speaker is like no other comic. Billed as "America's first hearing-impaired comedienne," Buckley receives her audience response by the vibrations from the stage floor. The five-time American Comedy Award nominee actually uses material based on her hearing loss in her shows. And there's a lot of material there!

At a glance

During the second grade, Buckley was placed in a school for mentally and physically impaired children. It took school administrators, psychologists and audiologists almost a year to discover that it was Kathy's hearing loss, and not a lack of mental acuity, that was holding back her speech and language development. But true to Kathy's spirit, she now just shakes her head in front of the hundreds of people at her show and says, "And they called me slow!"

But that was not the end of her medical odyssey. While sunbathing on a beach in the Los Angeles area, Kathy was run over by a Jeep. Just six years after that, while in her mid-20s, she was diagnosed with cervical cancer, from which she is proud to proclaim herself a survivor. So, the comedienne, who has also had guest starring roles on TV and in a one-woman Off-Broadway show ("Don't Buck With Me/Now Hear This!"), has had to depend on her health insurance over the years to help pay medical bills.

Although Kathy regularly receives national attention for her comedy routines ("Puberty At 50" is in development), she is more than just a sought-after performer. Her humor has a higher purpose. "My comedy disarms people," explains Kathy. "I love to make people laugh, but I love it even more if I can teach them something at the same time." Here, Buckley weighs in on the state of medical insurance, and the whole insurance industry.

-- Posted: Aug. 20, 2007
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