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Bankrate's 2008 Financial Forecast
A look ahead to 2008
Be prepared is a good motto, especially when it comes to your financial future.

Economic Forecasters

The Survey of Professional Forecasters is a quarterly survey of macroeconomic forecasts. Conducted by the American Statistical Association and the National Bureau of Economic Research, it began in 1968 and was taken over by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia in 1990.

The quarterly forecasts are a compilation of the economic predictions of more than 50 professional forecasters. These projections for 2007 and 2008 come from the third-quarter 2007 report, issued in August 2007.

For more information on the study or the latest quarterly forecasts is available from the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia's Web site.

Economic Forecasters Predictions for 2008 -- Posted: Dec. 10, 2007
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1 yr CD 0.89%
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