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Bankrate's Smart Money Moves for 2009
Our experts' tips for '09
Bankrate's columnists give their 9 tips for 2009. Take a look at what the experts have to say about buying or selling real estate, managing your debt, saving for college and more. Read on
Smart strategies for '09
Wondering what will happen with CDs and mortgage rates? We give you a summary of what happened last year, along with strategies you can use in the new year. Read on
Money-saving tips and tools
Check out our 100 tips to help manage your financial life, as well as our financial calendar that gives you important dates at a glance -- from when to file taxes to the best time to contribute to your retirement plan. Read on
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30 yr fixed mtg 4.45%
48 month new car loan 3.77%
1 yr CD 0.89%
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