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The deductibility of disability premiums


To my readers:
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Dear Tax Talk,
Are disability insurance premium payments deductible? I am a partner physician in a big group. -- Kanagal

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Dear Kanagal,
If you were unable to work in your profession, disability insurance would provide you with replacement income for the period of your disability. Professional and business owners should never go without some form of coverage in the event that they can't work at their trade for whatever reason.

It's also important that the policy provide coverage in the event that you can't work at your chosen profession as opposed to not being able to do any type of work. You wouldn't want to have to go from slicing patients in the operating room to flipping burgers at McDonald's.

Disability insurance is considered a fringe benefit when provided by your company. Disability insurance paid to cover the employees of the partnership is deductible by the partnership, but not by the individual partners.

Partners' fringe benefits such as health, disability and group life insurance are not deductible by the partnership and instead flow through to the partners separately on their Schedule K-1s.

While health insurance is deductible on your individual return as an adjustment to gross income or as a medical expense, disability insurance is not. The flip side to this is that if you ever file a disability claim, the income from the policy would not be taxable.

-- Posted: April 8, 2004




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