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Bankrate offers in-depth coverage of personal finance topics, often based on bank data research found nowhere else.

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Exclusives and special sections
Bankrate's 2009 Credit Card Study
Bankrate surveyed 20 cards from the top issuers to see whose cards are the best deal.
Bankrate's 2008 Gift Card Study
Our study finds gift cards that act like credit cards cost more, and buying cards from the soon-to-be-bankrupt is risky.
Bankrate's 2008 Checking Study
The 2008 study reports another record-high year for fees on everything from ATM use to bounced checks.
Bankrate's 2008 CD Study
Can you get a better yield on a CD online or through a traditional bank? See Bankrate's exclusive research.
2008 Cash-back Credit Card Rewards Study
Bankrate surveyed the cash-back reward programs from the largest credit card issuers so that you can decide which program is the best one for you.
2008 Closing Costs Study
See where your state ranks in Bankate's annual study of closing costs by state.
2008 Cash Sweeps Study
Bankrate's exclusive Cash Sweeps Study shows that billions of dollars in retail brokerage accounts are earning paltry sums for customers.
Bankrate's 2007 Gift Card Study
Bankrate.com's exclusive survey of gift cards shows that issuers offer plenty of choices for consumers.
Bankrate's 2007 Checking Study: Fees rise again
Americans are paying more at ATMs, for bounced checks and to earn interest on checking accounts. Beat the fees!
Bankrate's Fall 2007 Debit Card Study
Our Fall 2007 Debit Card Study shows free rewards programs lag in benefits, and fee-based programs give better rewards.
2007 closing costs study
New York still tops the list of Bankate's annual study as the state with the highest closing costs. See where yours ranks.
2007 passbook/statement savings study
Bankrate's semiannual survey of passbook savings accounts and statement savings accounts reveals interest rates are shrinking.
2007 check card study
Bankrate's exclusive survey shows that check cards continue to be a good choice for consumers.
CD early withdrawal penalties
Certificates of deposit are thought of as an absolutely safe investment, but withdraw early and you could lose principal, our study finds.
Saving on holiday road trips
If a holiday road trip's in your plans, check out these ways to make it safe and inexpensive.
ABCs of higher education
Whether your choices involve private or public university, living off campus, eating in or eating out, we'll help you sort through the decisions.
FDIC: Safety net for savings
With bank failures rising, you need to make sure your deposits are safe. Here's how the FDIC protects your money and your bank.
Jump into travel savings
Whether your vacation begins by land, by sea or by air, you can save money on transportation to your destination.
8 money moves for '08
Bankrate's columnists reviewed the landscape in their respective areas of expertise to offer readers their 8 top tips for 2008.
Fighting foreclosure
With the home equity bubble popping, consumers could find their homes in peril, especially those with adjustable-rate mortgages.
Candidates' money views
Before you vote, know where your favorite candidate stands on the issues that affect your finances.
Giving the gift of charity
Feeling generous? The holiday season is a perfect time for philanthropy. But before spending money or time, take a look at our guide to giving.
Get a jump on Santa, start saving now
Don't let the holidays catch you by surprise. Plan now for the expenses and avoid being snowed in by bills until spring.
Save on back-to-school shopping
Tax holidays lead the way for being thrifty while getting the kids ready for school.
Here come the fees
Check out this roundup of fees charged by banks, credit card companies and lenders to see what's average and how to avoid paying them.
7 experts' 7 top tips for '07
Bankrate's columnists reviewed the landscape in their respective areas of expertise to offer readers their 7 top tips for 2007.
Survivor's guide to ARM resets
A flood of teaser-rate adjustable-rate mortgages will reset their rates in the coming years, causing higher, sometimes unaffordable payments. This special section offers guidance to homeowners confronting the problem.
Subprime mortgage industry meltdown
Take an in-depth look at how the subprime mortgage industry rose and fell.
Child ID theft
A stolen identity can cause big problems when a child grows up.
Money tips for servicemen
As if U.S. military personnel and veterans didn't have enough to worry about these days, problems on the home front have left millions of them vulnerable to identity theft.
Investmental illness: A guide to getting well
If markets are rational, they sure are composed of a lot of irrational people who are driven by fear and greed.
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